The Brokers’ Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Programs in the Temporary Staffing Industry

Work First Casualty is a workers’ compensation insurer specializing in staffing companies, so you may be wondering why we have put together this guide that provides you with a comprehensive list of our competitors. That is a very good question.

The reason is that we love the staffing industry and we know that a good workers’ compensation program is essential to a firm’s success.  We also know that we are very selective in who we insure and that we are not the perfect fit for all of the staffing companies out there.  Even if we cannot insure a particular staffing company, we want them to find a good home for their workers’ compensation program.  That is why we have put this guide together.

If you’re reading this guide you have figured out that it can be difficult to find voluntary market coverage for temporary staffing companies.  There are some good reasons that this industry is hard to get placed.  Many insurance companies have been lured into serving this industry by large payrolls generated, and many of these carriers have lost their shirt.

Staffing has a high frequency of injuries. Temporary workers only make up about 2 percent of the workforce – but account for 6 percent of the severe injury reports.  The frequency issues are driven by sending their employees to work in facilities that they don’t control, and that very well might change on a weekly or even daily basis.  Plus when the high claim frequency is coupled with ample opportunity to misclassify payroll, and underreport payroll you have the perfect storm for an unprofitable workers’ compensation policy.

Topics Covered in this Guide

We want to see staffing agencies succeed, and we want to help you, their broker, provide a high-quality service to your staffing agency customers. We’ve compiled more than 30 years of experience working in both the staffing and insurance industries to create our Brokers’ Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Programs for the Temporary Staffing Industry.

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