How to Keep a Positive Mindset When Dealing With an Injury

You never dream it will happen to you, yet here you are with an injury sustained at work.  An on the job injury does more than sideline you from your normal work activities.  Without the right mindset and support, an injury can reduce your enthusiasm for work and lead down a dark path of despair.  Yet, with the right mindset and support it can become another of life’s challenges from which you bounce back stronger than before.

Here are a few tips to ensure you stay on the right path during recovery.

Stay Positive

Many people find physical rehabilitation a difficult process. Your range of motion decreases. You may have to force yourself to be less physically active because your body can’t move like it used to until your injury heals. This frustration can actually impair the ability to heal, so it’s important you recognize signs that your physical rehab is worsening your mood.

Stay positive by using a few techniques to keep your mind sharp.

Learn a Few Things

First, learn as much as you possibly can about your injury. Ask your doctor for a pamphlet or a website that explains your injury. Go over the causes, prevention, treatment and recovery time associated with your injury. Ask your doctor when you have any questions and concerns regarding your recovery.

Consider asking:

  • How long does rehabilitation take?
  • What workouts can I do at home to help my recovery?
  • What warning signs should I pay attention to if something is amiss during my healing?

Asking questions does a few things. It helps you understand what’s happening and what’s going to happen over the next several weeks or months. Questions also give you something to focus on that makes you think and take charge of your own recovery.

Reach Out for Support

Reach out to your support network for assistance and guidance. Your friends and family can take you to physical therapy appointments and doctor’s visits. If you need help shopping or running errands, your friends and family can help with those, too. Spending time with your inner circle of friends helps you maintain a positive attitude when you’re around people about whom you care.

Your friends and family also support you as you go through your physical therapy goals. Celebrate your milestones with your loved ones. Rely on your manager and coworkers for support as well. The best work environments have a unique way of rallying around their own when someone needs support.

Helping Hands

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