Work First Casualty knows what you need.

Tailored workers’ compensation insurance packages for home health, hospice and senior care.

Workers Compensation Policies For Every Need

Guaranteed Cost

Range: $100,000 +

At Work First Casualty, our team of professionals has underwritten hundreds of Guaranteed Cost policies and helped growing companies lower their experience modifiers and, ultimately, their cost of insurance.


  • Total risk transfer to the carrier once the policy is bound
  • Fixed pricing at inception allows for easier budgeting
  • Protection from unanticipated and costly claim potential

Deductible Options:

Small deductibles

Range: $2,500 – $10,000

A small deductible policy from Work First Casualty is a great option for companies that would like to take on more risk without having collateral requirements or a large financial risk.


  • No requirement to post collateral
  • Some state regulations allow for reporting losses net of the deductible paid which can help to meaningfully reduce your client’s experience modifier

Intermediate Deductible

Range: $25,000 – $75,000

Our intermediate deductible option is a great one for insureds that want to take on a bit more risk without having large financial collateral requirements. 


  • Minimize collateral requirements
  • No loss fund required
  • Deductibles are billed monthly

Large Deductible

Range: $100,000 +

Our large deductible option is for clients who have mastered risk management and value significant premium savings.  Large deductibles require collateral to be posted to ensure the payment of deductibles. Work First has flexible collateral options including letters of credit, cash collateral, and a “working cash” collateral program.


  • Significant cash flow advantage over a fully insured policy
  • Good claim performance can significantly reduce the total cost of your client’s workers’ compensation program
  • No requirement to post a loss fund – deductibles are billed monthly

A Work First large deductible program
offers the following advantages:

Significant cash flow advantage over a fully insured policy

Opportunity for your good claim performance to significantly reduce the total cost of your workers’ compensation program

No pooling of risk with other companies as found in captive programs

No requirement to post a loss fund – deductibles are billed monthly

Companies with large deductible policies have, on average, a 30% safer work environment

Underwriting Requirements 

  • Minimum Premium $100,000 ($75,000 for clerical only risks)
  • Minimum of 3 years in business
  • No PEO, Employee Leasing Exposures, USL&H Exposures, Recycling, Day Labor, group transportation or significant heights exposure.

What Do I Need?

Complete the ACORD 130 and our Supplemental Application, which includes:

  • Currently, valued loss runs for the current and previous four years
  • Copy of the most recent annual and year-to-date financial statements (audited if available)

Services and Solutions to Help You Reach Your Goals


Our Rapid Recovery Facilitator and team of skilled claims specialists investigate and aggressively manage each claim for the most favorable outcomes.


Gain 24/7 access to our web-based Intersect Claims Management system; that conveys transparency and real-time claim details.


Our expert team of underwriters develop customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each company.


Our Loss Prevention consultants develop tools to implement best practices to create safer working environments.