Frequent Questions.

Do you have an injury hotline that can provide immediate guidance when an employee is hurt?
  • We have partnered with Akos, a telemedicine injury hotline.  Akos gives immediate access 24/7/365 to either an RN and/or a Doctor that can assess the situation and provide immediate assistance on how to best care for the injured employee.  Furthermore, when Akos is utilized, they provide the first report of injury to Work First the same day as the injury has occurred.
How do I report a claim to Work First?
  • There are multiple ways to report a claim to Work First.  When Akos is utilized, they will report the findings to us the same day.  Through the process, you will then have all of the information to then report the claim to us.  Then you can log into our proprietary claims management system, Intersect, to fill out the first report.  If that option isn’t convenient, you can call, email or fax in the first report of injury.
What is Intersect?
  • Intersect is our proprietary claims management system.  Within the Intersect system, you can run loss runs, have access to safety and loss control resources, and see claim adjustor notes in real-time. 
For temporary staffing customers:
  1. How do I submit a new customer, a new job assignment/exposure, or a new state for approval and verification of class code?
  • Within Intersect, there is a custom module that acts as your own personal customer database and also allows you to submit new customer requests online. Please contact a member of our underwriting team to get yourself set up for this access.
  1. How long will it take for Work First to approve and verify the class code for a new customer?
  • Work First takes great pride in servicing our temporary staffing customers.  We respond to all new customer requests within 24hrs, but often the same day.
Can Work First create policies and procedures so that my safety manual stays up to date?

Work First creates custom branded forms for your company and uploads them to the Resources tab within the Intersect system.  By utilizing this service, all policies, procedures, and forms will have your company’s logo.

Does Work First provide loss prevention services?

We do!  Our underwriters will collaborate with you and your agent to come up with a customized plan designed just for your business to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have any services to help me get my injured worker back to work?

We have a unique role on our claims team called a Rapid Recovery Facilitator.  This team member dives into the claim immediately after the first report of injury is received with the sole purpose of assisting you to get that injured employee back to work within the state-mandated waiting period.  Keeping claims classified as medical-only, and managing the claim before the employee would experience loss time, reduces the probability of negatively impacting the insured’s experience modifier.  This aggressive style of claims management has reduced the number of indemnity claims by 10% and temporary disability days by 15%.  Furthermore, this team member is also a certified wellness coach.

Do you offer a pay-as-you-go program?

We do!  We stay in close contact with our insureds throughout their policy term.  In this program, the insured would report actual payrolls on a monthly basis.  We would then bill the insured for the month prior.  This has a direct impact on and leads to a no-effort audit at the end of the policy’s term.  When insureds participate in this program (and most do), they have an audit variance of less than 2%.